About Us

MM Landscapes is a leading commercial and residential landscaping services provider. Operating in the Milton Keynes region in London, we have a team of experts who are well-versed in all aspects of landscaping.

We are a one-stop shop for all your garden maintenance and makeover needs. Our range of services include artificial turf layout, irrigation, brick walls installation, driveway creation, and lighting or water feature installation. If you wish to grow plants, we can also determine the type of soil in your garden using our knowledge in soil pH analysis.

Artificial Turf Specialist

Artificial grass is a popular landscaping option among homeowners these days. The good thing about using artificial grass is that the material is safe for kids, and is pet-friendly. Depending on your budget and the look that you want to achieve for your garden, you can select from the wide variety of artificial turfs that we offer. Whether it is for commercial or home use, MM Landscapes can provide you with the perfect landscaping solution.

Garden Lighting/Fixtures Installation Specialist

Turn the exterior of your house or a specific feature of your garden into an awe-inspiring sight at night. Let MM Landscapes help you out in installing stunning garden fixtures, along with strategic lighting. Our lighting solutions are energy-efficient and can be installed in such a way that the specific feature that you want will be highlighted. Aside from providing illumination and making your home look beautiful at night, garden lighting also enhances security.

Patios, Decks, Fences, Planters Installation Specialist

If you have the space at the back or front of your house, you need to enhance it so that you can have a retreat right outside your door. MM Landscapes can help you design the perfect patio or deck which you can use to relax or entertain guests. We can also help enhance the security and privacy of your home by installing high-quality fences using premium materials. To improve the aesthetics of your garden, we offer a wide selection of planters to liven up your outdoor area.

Full Garden Makeover Specialist

Do you currently have a lonely row of plants that you would like to grow into a full-fledged garden? Or maybe you have too many plants, and you do not know how to organize your outdoor area into a restful, zen-like space? MM Landscapes has a team of skilled and creative landscaping experts who can put together a stunning garden for you. We are known for handling extreme garden makeover projects in the past, and we can certainly create an amazing outdoor area that suits your budget and lifestyle!

MM Landscapes operates in following counties

Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Bedfordshire (Beds), Northamptonshire (Northants)

And cities:

Aylesbury, Bedford, Bletchley, Buckingham, Luton, Millbrook, Milton Keynes, Northampton

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At the end of a long day at work, you want to relax and unwind right in the comfort of your own home. Although you can always do that in your living room or bedroom, it is also good to have an area right outside your doorstep that you can consider as an outdoor retreat. Here at MM Landscapes, we can help you create a zen-like space at the front or back of your house. No matter how small or large an area it is, we can turn the space into a luscious haven outdoors.

We provide commercial and residential landscaping services in the Milton Keynes and the neighbouring areas in the region. Here is a glimpse at the range of services we offer:

Fencing and Decking

Fences provide security and privacy to any home, while decks serve as an area outdoors where you can entertain guests. MM Landscapes can serve as your fencing contractor and deck builder. Whether you need just one or both services, you can rely on our years-long expertise to build the exact type of outdoor area to suit your personal tastes and lifestyle.

Artificial Turf Installation

Real grass is difficult to maintain, which is why artificial turfs have become an increasingly popular option among homeowners. Our synthetic turf is hypoallergenic, easy-to-maintain, and looks natural – making it perfect for commercial and residential applications.

Garden Lighting Installation

If you want to showcase your antique front door or a charming seating area in your garden, MM Landscapes can install strategically-placed outdoor lighting for you. Aside from highlighting a specific area or feature in your garden, these lights also help boost the security of your home, especially at night.

Full Garden Makeovers

Over the years, MM Landscapes has handled dozens of full garden makeover projects which resulted into lots of satisfied clients. We have a team of skilled garden craftsmen and creative landscapers so that you can get the results that you want. Whether it is a small zen-like area or a huge outdoor retreat that you would like to have, we have the manpower and expertise to give your garden a full makeover.

Other Landscaping Services

MM Landscapes also provides patio design and installation, garden fixtures installation, planters installation, and general landscaping services.

Our goal here at MM Landscapes is to help you create an outdoor retreat that suits your budget and lifestyle. No matter how big or small a project it is that you would like us to handle, we can do so without sacrificing the quality of materials used and the design of the area.

From aesthetics to the overall cost of the project, you can rely on MM Landscapes to provide you with satisfactory results, so that you can have that dreamy, relaxing garden that you and your family deserve.