How to arrange small garden? Small garden design – ideas and inspiration!

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Small gardens are charming, but also a bit challenging. If you’re looking for small garden ideas – you’ve come to the right place. What to do in the garden?

How to secure plants for the winter?

garden in winter

Gardening is a hobby of many people because it is very creative and relaxing. In the following years, you can grow more and more beautiful flowers that decorate any garden or apartment with their presence. For this reason, every home-grown gardener wants flowers to live as long as possible. For this purpose, various types of treatments are used to protect flowers from animals or weather conditions. One of the most dangerous seasons of the year is winter. How to protect plants for winter?


Hot trends in garden architecture and design! Which style to choose?

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Hot trends in garden architecture and design! Which style to choose?

Being stuck at home or working via computer certainly isn’t ideal – still, this is the new reality that needs to be accepted. What is more, finding a way to make your surrounding look fresh and interesting might be a key to your energy levels and general good mood. How to do it? It’s easy – just rearrange your garden following one of these hottest design styles!


Food self-sufficiency and design in one place? Plant a Victory Garden!

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The unsettling visions of food shortages and empty market shelves won’t be our problem this time, as it appears. Still, most of us would gain a lot from learning how to be more self-sufficient with food production, even in the city. It’s time to resurrect the brilliant idea of Victory Gardens!


Pergolas in the garden and various arrangements with them

pergolas in the garden
Pergolas in the garden aren’t losing their popularity for the last couple of years. They allow to prepare beautiful garden or balcony arrangements, which will delight both guests and housemates. How to arrange them?


Is it worth investing in artificial grass in the garden? What are the advantages of this solution?

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Arrange your garden in accordance with your ideas

Are you dreaming of wonderful garden? Would you like to have an amazing lawn, which will make that your neighbors will be jealous? Unfortunately, you have got beautiful blossoms, trees and plants but your grass is painly ugly and rare. Turf spoils the whole effect and that’s why the rest also lose their charm? You try to take care of grass. You mow, fertilize and water it and but with poor effect. You lost your expectation… Don’t worry. Artificial Grass Specialists in Milton Keynes will help you as soon as possible. Grass won’t be your trouble any more!


How to create a landscape architecture design in your garden?

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Many people think that garden design is very simple. If there is any empty space around our house and we do not know how to use it, it is worth planting some vegetation there. The choice on the market is very large, but customers still don’t know what to invest in. So what solutions for our garden are the best? What should we be guided in this case to make our garden look like a fairy tale, and we would feel good in it?


The best option – garden design Milton Keynes

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Recently, more and more people have realized that the environment of the property plays a very important role. It is very important that this place presents itself perfectly, because only thanks to this we can really create an attractive business card at home. Very often many companies also pay a lot of attention to how the environment around the company is created. So what should be guided in this case?


The best place in your home is your garden

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Attractive surroundings of the house is very important, because how this place looks can tell a lot about the owner. Many people invest in expensive garden equipment. However, the price of extras is not the most important thing in this case. It is very important, among other things, that the garden is well cared for. So how do you do it?


What to look for when arranging the garden? Patios, decking, synthetic grass – what else?

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An attractive home is everyone’s dream. However, not everyone of us remembers that taking care of his surroundings is very important in this situation. During the visit of our guests pay very much attention in particular to outdoor decorations, because it can be seen at first glance. So what to consider when arranging the garden?